In November 2021 an idea was put forward that the Shed might like to form a singing group under the "ShedSong" banner. Volunteers were sought from the Shed community and a hardy core turned out for the first session on 7th December, which was deemed by the Chairman (& others) to be a great success. Subsequent sessions were held later in the month.


SHEDSong at Mosman Park Men's Shed has now developed from being a bunch of Members getting together under the guidance of Matt and Tim from SongFest in order to “make a noise” (!), to a group of strong voiced “singers”, benefitting from 4 workshops conducted by Kavisha Mazzela, renowned singer/songwriter and choir director. The original group, joined by some members of the public, quickly established an ability to sing in 2 and 3 part harmonies, much to the amazement and excitement of the group.


The vibe is exciting, fun, collaborative and healthy. Join the SHEDSong group and find out you really can sing. Shed Members – both Mosman Park and other Sheds, plus male non-members are all welcome to join in – please head to our booking area (Events/ ….) to purchase tickets from time to time.


Volga Boatmen


Randy Dandy O




Wild Mountain Thyme


Love I Call Your Name

Interviews:  Kavisha Mazzella:  Jim Lightfoot:

To Join In contact: Jamie McKinnon <>