Orientation & Training

Men who join the Table SawMosman Park Men’s Shed have a wide range of interests and skills for the opportunities they find in a Men’s Shed. And it’s not just left at that for men who want to build knowledge and skills for tasks and activities they intend to pursue.  To this end there is a strong formal induction and orientation system in the Shed to ensure members are comfortable to follow their interests and complete high quality projects if that is their aim. 

Shed Induction is undertaken by all members when they join the Shed.  This tour and description of what we have and how we go about things is extensive and a chance to understand what you might find from belonging to the Mosman Park Men’s Shed.  The induction outlines all the facilities we provide and also the activities that do not involve building or creating items.  As the term Interest Groups suggests, these operate based on the interests that men bring to the Shed and a common thread that brings a group together to explore that interest. 

Skills Training is required for men wanting to access the considerable workshop and machinery resource we have installed.  So if you aren’t wanting this type of activity, then move to the areas of this website that give details of the interest groups, social activities and calendar of events we run to see what there is to offer in these activities.

Initially Induction is familiarisation and outlining the safety aspects of working in the Shed.  The skill and knowledge we have among Shed members is extensive and draws on lifetimes of experience in trades and professional activities.  So new members of all skill levels from complete novice to project gurus can feel very confident to bring along their imagination and ideas and receive guidance and insight into how they can achieve their goals in an atmosphere of support and fellowship. 

Skills training provides an additional level of familiarity and competence in using the Sheds array of machines and equipment.  The range of this machinery is evidenced in the extensive 13 different modules to cover the woodwork area alone!  Then there’s the metalwork area which again has all the machines for projects and restoration tasks including lathes, benders, a sheet metal guillotine, as well as the obvious grinding, welding and cutting gear and benches.

And it doesn’t end there.  Part of the fellowship we find in a shed is the ongoing support to undertake and successfully complete projects that take more than one pair of hands or brains.  That  is what we form Sheds for of course, and being together as men is a huge part of being a Shedder.

                Listen to The Shed Boys interpretation of our Shed activities here